Portrait 317 – Kristie

So do I get more credit if there’s more than one person in the Portrait? Andrea’s Portrait had four and this one has two. Nah. If there are multiple people in the shot, it’s usually because they are part of the image I wanted to create. For this shot, Kristie┬árecently adopted baby Gage and I wanted to celebrate their union. Family and friends are a big part of who we are so I find it only fitting to include them sometimes. About Kristie:

I grew up in the County and graduated from UMaine, then left for about 15 years pursuing my Master’s degree and starting my career. I was drawn back to Maine by an awesome job and the appeal of living close to family again as I started one of my own. Gage is 19 months old and one month ago to the day this picture was taken, I finalized his adoption. Gage has been with me since he was just 4 days old and he is my proof…with patience, faith and a lot of luck, dreams come true!

F a c e b o o k