Funtown Splashtown USA

Call me a theme park snob if you will but growing up in Florida kind of spoils you when it comes to tourist attractions. We had Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens, Sea World and others all within a few hours drive. But I live in Maine now. So what do we have in Maine for theme parks? Well… we have… Funtown Splashtown USA?¬†As hesitant as I am to visit any attraction with USA in the title, I relented under wife pressure because that is what she wanted to do on her birthday. No Floridian can refuse a request on his wife’s birthday.

To sum up my experience, it was “fun”ny and “splash”y. We actually had a really great time. There was something for everyone, the lines weren’t too long and the park was just big enough. The Splashtown side is actually well laid out with areas for little kids separate from the areas for the bigger kids and adults. The Tornado and Mammoth slides were each several stories tall, giving pause to even the most seasoned thrill seekers. Funtown’s rides had a little bit of everything from antique car riding to teacups. My favorite ride was the Excalibur Wooden Roller Coaster which was a lot faster and more fun than it looks from the ground.

It’s suffice to say that while Funtown Splashtown does not compete with the ultra mega theme parks from Florida, it certainly does hold its own and is perfect for what it is. Good family fun close to home.

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