Bar Harbor Maine Fireworks Show | Bar Harbor Photographer

Shooting fireworks is a favorite pastime of mine. While the technique is very basic to do, just point and shoot, the challenge comes in the timing. Leave the shutter open too long and you’ll get a bright white blob of light. Too short and you won’t see anything. What’s my secret? Luck. 😉 There’s no way to know exactly what the pyrotechnicians are shooting next so over time you figure out how many bursts it takes to make an acceptable image.

Location is just as important. We camped out for three hours at Agamont Park because it was the best vantage point to get both the fireworks and the Margaret Todd Windjammer, Bar Harbor’s iconic schooner, in the same shot. I’m happy with the way the images came out and I hope you enjoy the show below.

  • Lynda Springer - July 13, 2013 - 1:20 am


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