365 Portraits

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On July 16th, 2011 I made a decision that would impact my life for the following year. I had been looking for a way to challenge myself and push myself creatively and photographically for a while and the thought of doing the standard 365 picture a day didn’t seem very appealing to me. After much thought, I considered what I loved to capture the most. The answer, by a country mile, was people. They say that the camera looks both ways, well there’s a reason why most of my Portraits are of smiling people. That’s who I am. I love to make people smile. That’s why this project is important to me. I want to capture people the way I see them, the way I remember them.

At the start of the project, I had never heard of another photographer shooting 365 portraits in 365 days so I thought, that’s what I want to do. Little did I know that someone else had already achieved this feat and even published a book about it. In 2008, Bill Wadman, a photographer from New York City, conquered the project and had some pretty amazing images to show for it. You can find his work here: http://www.365portraits.com/

I don’t think the fact that this has been done before in any way diminishes what I’m trying to achieve for myself as a photographer. Is a mountaineer’s achievement of reaching the summit of a mountain diminished because the mountain has been summited many times before? I would argue not. In any case, this is my project. I own it. There is a piece of me in every image. I hope you’l enjoy the journey as much as I will.

So here are my self-imposed guidelines (subject to change):

  1. Take one Portrait every day. I reserve the right to take more than one in a day if I need to.
  2. Must have had a meaningful impact in my life or have crossed paths with me, or…
  3. …  have had a meaningful impact on the lives of others, especially in the community.
  4. I will welcome nominations for Portraits of community and business leaders that meet the above criteria. Nominate here!
  5. I will write about each person to tell you the story behind the Portrait, however brief.
  6. No repeats.
  7. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 365 times!

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